DF Printing

Most modern machineries & equipments are used in D F Garments Printing. It makes us more efficient & quality concern. We are using below machineries & equipments

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Our main asset is highly experience & efficient work force. Women empowerment is one of the successes of DF  Garments Printing. Most of the workers are women. Child or under aged workers are not allowed in our business. Below graph shows are employee status.

Total Employee: 220

How we do

DF Garments Printing follows some roles to operate business that makes the a giant printing company. Every steps of below points are the key to business success.

  • Long term business relationship with our valued customers.
  • We always get our self organized.
  • We keep detailed records of our works.
  • We do understand the risks and rewards of our works
  • We like to do innovative & creative works.
  • Stay focused
  • We are prepared to make sacrifices when required.
  • Provide great service to our valued customers.
  • We ensure on time delivery
  • We have varieties of product mix.
  • We deliver customers desired quality.
  • We are Consistent in our super quality & services.

Production Capacity:-

We have huge production capacity, on an average 10,000.00 pcs/day. For this monster capacity we could meet customers delivery lead time quite easily & deliver the finish with the shortest possible time. Capacity breakdown are shown below;

  1. 01 color print: 15000pcs/day
  2. 02 color print: 12000pcs/day
  3. 03 color print: 7000pcs/day
  4. 04 color print: 5000pcs/day
  5. 05 color print: 4000pcs/day
  6. 06 color print: 3500pcs/day
  7. 07 color print: 3000 pcs/day
  8. 08 color print: 2500pcs/day
  9. 09 color print: 22000pcs/day
  10. 10 color print: 2000pcs/day
  11. More than 10 color print: 1500pcs/day

What we do (Print):- DF Printing has one of the most enriched products mix in Bangladesh. Varieties of products make us unique in our project. Our  R&D  teams are working to enrich our products lines. Some of our own invented printing method is highly appreciated by the work famous retailers. we do print on 01. Knit Fabrics, 02.Woven Fabric, 03. Sweaters Print, 04. Woven tape, 05. Printing Badge, 06. Heat Press

We are the best this industry for the below printing method & technology:- 01. Pigment Print, 02. Rubber Print, 03. Semi Rubber, 04. Emboss (puff) Print, 05. Glitters Print, 06. Plastic sol Print, 07. Flock Print, 08. Discharge Print. 09. Heat press Print, 10. Sticker Attaching, 11. Stone Attaching, 12. Spray Print. 13. Gel & Super Gel Print. 14. Foil Print, 15. Foam puff Print, 16. Photo Print, 17. Gradient Print, 18. Neon Print, 19. Glow in the dark Print, 20. Metal Print. 21. High density Print, 22. Distress Print. 23. Water based pigment print.